Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our Garden

John has been looking for a new hobby, and he has picked up gardening. His dad had a garden when they were growing up, and he loves fresh tomatoes, so he couldn't resist. Plus, our backyard (10 x 10 ft. dirt mound) is really ugly, so we had to do something.

John bought 2 tomato plants (1 yellow bell, 2 giant), and 2 pepper plants (yellow bell and sweet and hot red poppers). So far, they have grown well, and we have about 6-8 tomatoes coming on. John always gives me a garden update to brag about his work just about every day. I hope they do well, because he has put a lot of time into them.

Hailee also got some flowers that John wanted her to take care of. She goes out every day to water her flowers with a spray bottle (so we don't end up with a pool instead of a garden). See the pics below.

With the salmonella scare here in Utah (Wal-Mart had ZERO tomatoes), it should pay off!


Do these girls look alike? OK . . . Cam is a little chubbier, balder, and blue-eyes-er, but pretty close, huh?



Camryn's Blessing

Cam was blessed on June 1 and we were blessed to have family there to witness it. Sorry it has been so long since we have posted, but we have had some internet problems. Enjoy the pics!! Family pics to follow later in the week.

Family Picture on the blessing day.

The first smile caught on camera.
Cam with her cousin Braydon, the Michelin Man.
The grandkids with grandpa Maxfield.
Peek a boo!
Crooked smile, like dad (ok, she looks nothing like me).