Thursday, January 24, 2008

Christmas Pictures!!!!

Better late than never!?! This year, we got to go to Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's house and we had a great time. Hailee got spoiled (as usual), Dad got to go snowboarding, and Dana helped Jenna chase the kids around the house. Here are some pictures.
Dad and Hailee playing the new "computer".

Look how cute my little girl is . . .The debut of "baby Fiona" . . . don't call it a Shrek baby!

Darcy with Izy . . . "glowing" because the new boyfriend.

Hailee is really going to miss being an only child . . . she'll never get this many presents again. :0(

Hailee getting messy with the cake.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


John started his new job with Omniture when we moved to Utah. Omniture is a web analytics company that is growing like crazy. The recent acquisitions of Visual Sciences, Offermatica, Touch Clarity have kept him quite busy with SEC filings in his financial and reporting division.

Omniture was started by an LDS BYU grad -- Josh James. A fast-paced, exciting, competitive environment makes each day fun. Some of the highlights include the onsite video game room, the elegant formal Christmas dinner at the Grand America Hotel, conference rooms named after Adam Sandler movies, and other stories John would LOVE to tell you about. The culture is work-hard, play-hard and the company attitude is described by the phrase "mean people suck." To see more go to