Monday, February 23, 2009

A Place to Call Home!

So if you have followed our moving saga, we had some rough times looking for the perfect home. We wanted a big yard, a finished basement, near schools, a big master bedroom and bath, good size kitchen, and relatively new (nothing 80's or earlier).

Well, after many months of looking, we finally found our home on the AF / Highland border. It is not our "dream home", but is very much what we want. It was built in 1994, so it has some updating to do, but we are excited to personalize it to our tastes.

The last couple of weekends have comprised of painting and updating, and getting ready for the big move. Dana has picked our cute colors for the girls rooms and they are about 95% done with painting and updating. Cam's has a green accent wall (think Tinkerbell) and will have purple curtains and accents. Hailee's is (of course) pink and will have lots and lots of pink swag.

We will update with more pics later, but here are a few to give you just a taste.