Sunday, July 5, 2009

2009 Freedom Run 5K/10K

John and I decided to join the the thousands of runners who came out for the Freedom Run in Provo this year. We had a lot of fun and the weather was perfect!

John and 2017 others ran the 5K. Although he is not really a runner (yet!) and hasn't trained as I have, he cut nearly 2 minutes off the first 5K we ran last summer. His goal is to get into the top 25 for his age group, which will mean that he has to shave 3 minutes off his time. Ambitious, but with training, it's possible.

I ran the 10K against 1357 others. My favorite part of the race was coming down University Avenue because there were over 20,000 people lined up to watch parade and that many people cheering me on made mile 3 fly by. Next on my list of favorites during the race was running down University Parkway from 9th east, past the Marriott Center. If you know this road, you know that it is down hill. There is nothing better than running full speed and not feeling a thing!

I ran my fastest mile yet during the race and my overall time put me 2 minutes ahead of my goal. I ended up finishing 68th out of 715 women and 15th in my age group. My goal next year is to finish in the top 50 women, which means I have to cut about 1:15 off my time from this year.

All in all, a good showing and a great time. You can't complain about the exercise and it brings out the competitive spirit in you! We invite anyone to come out with us next year. We have a basement where you can stay too . . . now accepting reservations.