Sunday, May 10, 2009

For my "Lishy"

So, not realizing that today was even bigger than I previously thought . . . it is our 6 year anniversary (ok, ladies . . .back off. I remembered)! Dana and I got married on a cold rainy day 6 years ago in the Salt Lake City temple. We have enjoyed both fun and difficult times in our marriage. Dana has done a lot in her time as my wife. She got her associates and bachelors degrees from BYUI and BYU. She has become quite the successful fitness instructor for Lifetime fitness (thus, the hot bod!). She has become a great mom and wife. Our relationship is quite funny, as Netti may attest to. Living with us, she must think that we either are madly in love or at each others' throats with no in between. We both have our cranky moments, but have a great time teasing each other and just hanging out.

I love Dana's humor, her beautiful features, her motivation, her caring heart, etc. She is still the love of my life and I can't wait to spend the rest of it together. Love you lish!

P.S. For those of you that are unfamiliar, here is where "Lish" came from. We started out calling each other "honey" like everyone does. That grew into honey-licious, of which, I do not know the origins of. Now it is just "Lish" and it has stuck. :)

Mother's Day Pictures

For Mother's Day my mom and aunt patiently photographed my children. I have to say I am very surprised at the number of smiles they got out of them.

The mischevious grin!

Finally, permission to pick up Camryn.
Any hair growing tips??
Cam will love this when she is older!

Thanks mom, Sherry, Hailee and Camryn for making me smile.