Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our Little Princess

Hailee has grown up a lot over the past couple of months. I guess that happens when you're busy and not looking.

She has many new hobbies that started when we moved to Utah, because we have been shut up inside a lot more than before. She loves to play puzzles and play her Click Start computer. She will color, cut, glue, or tape, anything within reach. also has a lot of activities that keep us busy when John works late. She is still quite the social butterfly and has made a lot of friends at our new gym (her new daycare) and loves to go there every day. Her favorite person there just happens to be the General Manager, she has to flirt with him every time she spots him. John and Hailee have had a couple of daddy-daughter bonding moments playing in the snow, I can't tell you how glad I am that he'll take her out there. I'm not much of a cold person as you all know!

But, Hailee's favorite thing of all Dora. If any of you have 3 year olds, you can relate. Something about Dora is so enticing for her. She has a Dora movie that she would watch 24-7 if we let her. She also has a Dora book that we read every day before nap time and goes on every car trip. She has a couple of the stories memorized word for word and she amazes me at the words she remembers to include in the stories.

Here are some updated photos of Hailee. She wanted to be a Princess, but she couldn't bring herself to wear the princess slippers, so she has her new shoes on. The other was taken in January (when John actually got home before sunset) and they played in the snow until we had to bring Hailee in kicking and screaming! The morning before this picture was one of the biggest storms we had this winter-oh, how we love Utah!