Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another Girl...

That was John's reaction to the doctor telling us that yes, in fact, we will be having another girl join our family sometime next spring. As if Hailee and I don't create enough drama for one man to handle!

The ultrasound showed that she is growing on track. The technician was getting a little frustrated because every time she would get a good angle for a picture, the baby would move. Yes, she is very active, already.

Hailee is slowly adjusting to her new home in Lehi, UT. She has had a rough couple of days trying to figure out the rules and limits again after spending a couple of days with grandma and grandpa.

So, what have we been up to since we got here...

Well, John has been working long hours at Omniture, so its been up to Hailee to help me make the difficult transition of leaving Arizona. Luckily, I was able to transfer to the Life Time Fitness in South Jordan. Even though I was sad to leave my "groupies" in Palm Valley, AZ, I think this will be a good place for me to learn and improve as a group fitness instructor.

Hailee is liking the new daycare at the gym for the most part. I just have to go in with her and help her find a friend to play with before I leave.

We have also had fun hanging out with family again. Its nice to have somewhere to go and people visit with on especially on Sundays.

And we are back in the midst of "The Home of the Cougars" and were able to attend a basketball game where BYU throttled the Jackson State Tigers. It felt like home in the Marriott Center, cheering on the Cougs. John is so excited for the BYU vs. Utah game this weekend that he is hardly sleeping, hopefully that ends in victory.

CRASH into me yeah . . .

I do love to listen to Dave Matthews Band, but I don't think that even Dave himself had quite the crash I had on November 7th.

Dana and I were coming home from my Deloitte farewell party and were going to meet to buy a new bed frame (finally, right Dana?) at Mor Furniture. I was getting off the 99th street exit under the I-10 & 101 interchange when the white Pontiac in front of me hit their brakes, and I hit them at 55 mph.

It is still all a little hazy, but the 2001 Nissan Sentra was a mangled mess, I had seat belt bruises, minor air bag burns on my hands, and a few small scratches from my hand hitting the AC vent. Other than that, I was in one piece, unharmed. I was a little "loopy" according to the officer, but there was no brain damage (in addition to what Dana already thinks I already have). The other party, two people from Mexico were fine.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Wear your seat belt. Had I not buckled up, our little family may be without their dad. I thank Heavenly Father daily for the chance to be on the earth another day with Dana and Hailee. All it takes is a click!

Monday, November 5, 2007


Ever since dad took me to a game when I was 1 year old, I was hooked on BYU athletics. 26 years later, I still cannot miss a game albeit I can only listen to most games on internet radio.

Hailee was spoon fed the cougar kool-aid since she was little as we were students at BYU. She loved the song and danced to it whenever we had it playing. It also was the only thing that kept her from fussing in the car on long road trips . . . no kidding. "Rise and shout" = ON? Happy baby. OFF? Crying.

She used to have a crush on cosmo, but that faded when we left Utah and now she is "scared of him." She will have to get over her cosmophobia now that we are moving back and getting season tickets to basketball games. Just thought I'd let you know if you wondered if I was raising my kids in the right way. ;)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

On the Move!

Johnny, Dana, Hailee & Baby.

Number of states lived in together = 3.

Number of moves since marriage = 7

1. To PineView Apartments in Rexburg, ID.

2. To Taylor Apartments in Provo, UT.

3. To Phoenix, AZ for Johnny's internship.

4. Back to Provo to Stadium Gardens.

5. To Laveen, AZ to start careers and life post college.

6. Move to a safer neighborhood in Avondale, AZ [no more helicopters w/ search lights, yeah!].

7. To Lehi, UT to start John's new job at Omniture.

YES! We are moving again. No, we are not a military family. No, we don't LOVE packing boxes. On October 26th, we made the decision to move back to happy valley in Utah County. John just s
tarted to enjoy new challenges at his job at Deloitte when a colleague from BYU's Accounting Program sparked John's interest in a public company in Orem, UT. Omniture does web analytics and business website optimization ( for more information). A fly out, an offer, and some prayers later, we decided to move our family.

Dana will be able to transfer with Lifetime Fitness from Palm Valley to South Jordan and continue her favorite hobby besides being a mom -- teaching group fitness. She was not too excited for the move as she has a lot of friends, but she knew that it would be good for the family. Hailee still doesn't quite understand that we will no longer live in AZ, and the cold will be tough for her as she complains now that she is cold here at 76 degrees.

We have the rest of the week, until Friday to be exact, to pack up before Rick and Bobbi help us move north. The only other big news that we have this week is to find out the sex of the little soccer player in Dana's belly. He/she is quite active at night keeping mom running to the bathroom as soon as she gets a teaspoon of fluid in her bladder. We both hope for a boy and have a feeling it is, but as we get closer we are thinking more and more that it is a girl -- we'll see.

Well, that's about it for us! We will now be using this blog instead of the cumbersome website for Hailee's pictures and stories, so keep connected! See you in Utah!